My goal here is to share the top reflections from my journey as a developer learning to discover, build, grow and monetize software products – Evans 🎯

Are you committed to building successful software solutions on the web? So am I. I help develop people and software products.

I’m so glad you’re here. We’re on a journey together.

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I’m fascinated by how people build web apps that gain traction (Product), how people build web apps to last and scale (Engineering), and how people build intelligent apps. Talk to me about any of these and we’ll hit it off quick. 😁

I often wear the hats of software development learning facilitator and indie product developer. 🎩

See what I’m up to lately on the NOW page. You can also book some time on my free open office hours to discuss any product development topics on your mind.

I blog about learning and life skills on my personal site.

Cheers to your success in the value you create! 🥂 🚀

-Evans “Rooting for you” Musomi.

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