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Build Right #2: Will Design Guarantee Your App's Success?

Will design guarantee your app will be a hit? 🤔

If you’re able to code, does great design guarantee your success in building and launching profitable apps? I hoped so. Here’s what I learned…

People tend to focus more on the solution they’re building and how it looks. Design (done right) adds value to apps but doesn’t fill all gaps.

This is part 2 of a series called Build Right where I’ll be sharing things I wish I knew at the start of my software development career about building profitable apps. If you missed the previous post, I recommend checking that out first.

In this episode I explore the gist of web design and the value it presents.

Key points. 💡

  1. Customers care more about their problem than they care about your solution.
  2. Designed UI is often flawless until it meets the customer.
  3. Design helps customers and the dev team understand the problem better.
  4. A problem-centric design approach will get you closer to success.
  5. Designs should be designs, not suggestions.

Design owns how a product looks (UI) and feels (UX). A design process that doesn’t involve (would-be) customers may deliver a beautiful output but takes on a lot of non-trivial risk. It’s like tailoring a wedding dress without involving the bride. Yikes. 😨

Good design and software engineering goes a long way but if you don’t get your application in front of people who resonate with it, odds are you won’t succeed. 😞

What next? 💪

The next hunch I had was…

“Marketing must be what’s missing from my flow. This will guarantee success.” Join me next time as I share my take on whether marketing is the missing piece in the app success equation.

What, in your design process, helps you turn up the odds of success? Please share in the comments 🤔

Until next time, I want to challenge you to Build, Learn, Empower.

– Evans “More than Design” Musomi

Shout Outs 🎉

Lulu and Kathryn, who I mention in the video, are exceptional design creatives who helped me develop an appreciation for the design process earlier on in my software development journey. I highly recommend their work.



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